What the crazy questions to ask me?

Look at theses lines below. I got it when chatted with a boy by yahoo messenger. It is not the first time that I were asked by these questions. I hate someone ask me for sex(If they are girls hahaah…K.O 🙂 ). They used to ask me like “Are you boy love boy?” , “Do you love me?” F*ck!!! what da hell going on with those guys???

luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:43pm): hi
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:17:02pm): hi
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:17:44pm): h a u
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:17:48pm): asl?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:17:52pm): yes fine
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:17:53pm): nu?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:17:57pm): u?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:18:25 pm):21m
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:20:08pm): ur name?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:20:34pm): vanit
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:20:36pm): u
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:20:43pm): ?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:23:56pm): Bandith
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:24:03pm): how come u know my id?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:24:45pm): i used to play with u
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:25:25pm): oh i see
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:25:33pm): student?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:25:36pm): ok
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:26:16pm): are u love b?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:27:56pm): love b?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:27:58pm): what mean?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:28:21pm): boy love boy!
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:28:30pm): understand?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:28:50pm): oh…sorry u ask the wrong person
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:28:57pm): m not that kind of boy
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:29:08pm): so u r boy love boy?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:29:45pm): yes
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:30:11pm): hhhm….y?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:30:14pm): i love u for along time
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:30:20pm): love me???
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:30:27pm): i want to see u again!
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:30:27pm): hahahah….u kidding?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:30:35pm): how come?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:30:54pm): so can you love me?
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:31:18pm): what a kidding!! i cannot
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:31:30pm): i feel vomit when u said love me like this
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:31:34pm): ok
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:31:53pm): how come that a boy love a boy?
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:31:58pm): it’s ok
luckyboy_kk (20/11/2007 05:32:05pm): i don know
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:32:14pm): huh….i think u have to go to doctor and have an X-ray your brain
Bandith Phun (20/11/2007 05:33:41pm): so have anyone love you then?

—Since then, I never see he talks to me again. Thanks god!!!